I am more than satisfied with the way the people have accepted my merchandise and myself and hope to be here many years.”

Those very words were spoken to a local newspaper reporter, and can be seen in the framed article hanging just inside the front door of Mugford’s at 429 Talbot Street, St. Thomas. This was spoken by the young and entrepreneurial Donald Mugford, in 1965, shortly after opening the flagship store in St. Thomas, Ontario, a city he said, “…always appealed to me when I visited it on business…”.

Fifty-six years has come and gone since he was quoted in that local paper, and while sadly, Donald is no longer here to see the business continue to grow, the family business is still going strong.

It is run by Donald’s wife, Merle, and two daughters, Jodi and Patti who are all very passionate about the family business. In addition to the St. Thomas location, they have also expanded with a second store in the Westmount Shopping Centre in London Ontario.

The Mugfords are not a family to rest on their laurels and remain content with “good enough” – their fashion forward thinking is always on display at Mugford’s. With in-store items that are current, savvy, style conscious and beautiful, Mugford’s is definitely not your Grandma’s shoe store, but we bet she’d find a pair to fall in love with there!